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Custom Mezzanine Solution Solves Multiple Issues for AVX Corporation

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of passive electronic components and interconnect solutions for the telecommunications and electronics industry, needed to expand its parts storage capacity to include additional bulk storage. The current storage system, located at the AVX headquarters in Fountain Inn, SC, employed a large installation of vertical carousels for small parts storage and access.

With space limited and AVX Corporation’s need for additional bulk storage capacity, a mezzanine was the obvious choice, since it would add the needed storage space in the existing facility by expanding vertically. Special considerations, however, created issues.

The Problems: A Custom Mezzanine Design Was Essential

Although AVX had its installers available for the new mezzanine, the facility presented some unique design and engineering problems that needed to be solved. These included:

  • Densely Positioned Vertical Carousels – Space was limited for vertical supports for the new mezzanine, and they would require precision positioning.
  • High Load Bearing Requirements – Unusually high weight requirements for the planned bulk storage installations demanded custom engineering.
  • Large Mezzanine Size – Requirements were for a mezzanine over 12,000 sq. ft. in size, far larger than most installations.
  • Aesthetic Requirements were Important – A planned secondary use of the new mezzanine would be as a warehouse showplace for AVX.

The Solution: Design a Custom Mezzanine to Meet All Requirements

AVX Corporation turned to Atlanta Bin & Shelving for design, engineering, and sourcing of the mezzanine, which would be installed by local contractors. Atlanta Bin & Shelving engineered a customized, very technical design, taking into consideration the precision placement of vertical supports. These were designed to handle the additional weight of the planned bulk storage use.

To meet the aesthetic requirements that AVX specified, Republic shelving, powder-coated with custom colors to match pre-existing colors in the facility, was special ordered to provide an integrated appearance. Powder coating for the rest of the mezzanine structure aided also added to the aesthetic qualities of the project. Durable and attractive ResinDek flooring contributed its strength, durability, and beauty to the showplace mezzanine.

Shipped to the AVX facility and installed, the new 12,500 sq. ft. AVX mezzanine from Atlanta Bin & Shelving solved the company’s need for additional bulk storage space. The custom design met the special space and weight-bearing requirements, and the coordinated powder-coated colors created the showplace appearance demanded by AVX Corporation.

“For Atlanta Bin & Shelving, this project was the largest mezzanine in our history, and the first powder-coated mezzanine we have created. We’re very proud of this project.”

-- Dave Wentz, President Atlanta Bin and Shelving