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Save time and money by using Akro-Mils products to increase your material handling efficiency. Our selection of storage, organization and transport products shorten assembly times, maintain accurate inventories, optimize storage space and improve parts protection. Akro-Mils prides itself on more than 50 years of reliable delivery and responsive customer service.

12" & 18" System Bins

  • Convenient, efficient organization in a single-piece six-bin unit
  • Quickly organize work environments with Akro-Mils’ unique System Bins
  • Separate and sort parts or products to increase efficiency, shorten assembly times and maintain accurate inventories
  • A cost-efficient alternative to flimsy, individual cardboard boxes, System Bins are arranged six-across in a single unit, 33" wide x 5" high, and are available in 12" or 18" depths to fit standard shelving.

Louvered Hanging Systems

  • Take back valuable floor space, and maximize parts storage and handling efficiency.
  • Louvered Panels used with AkroBins® offer the ultimate in storage flexibility
  • Secure stationary racks to the wall or floor- and wall-mountable panels to a solid structure
  • Six different models are available to accommodate as many as 288 AkroBins®
  • One person can assemble the systems. It’s that easy

Rail Hanging Systems

Bench racks, wall-mount and single- or doublesided models are available to create a complete storage system.

  • Get the most from your AkroBins® by adding rail systems for an economical storage solution
  • Single- and double-rail units provide flexibility in bin placement and they hold multiple sizes of AkroBins®
  • Mobile kit available to mobilize two-sided racks
  • Steel rail is ideal for work stations

Stak-N-Store Bins

Small Stak-N-Store bins (13014) fit three-across on standard 36" shelving. Medium Stak-N-Store bins (13018) fit two-across on standard 36" shelving.

Stack bins together to form a storage system.

  • The perfect way to organize heavy, bulky items
  • Bins stack to form tall, stable storage arrangements on floors or standard industrial shelving
  • 75 lb. capacity
  • Colors: gray, red, blue

Attached Lid Containers

  • Reusable shipping, distribution, order picking and storage containers
  • Attached lids snap securely closed to protect against dust or damage
  • Stack or nest ALCs to save space
  • Containers interwork for easy pallet loading


Nest & Stack Totes

  • Extremely durable industrial-grade totes
  • Ideal for shipping, transfer and storage
  • NSTs stack with or without lids, for storage and shipping, and nest when empty
  • Strong, high-density polypropylene will not rust, corrode or lose its shape, even when fully loaded
  • Heavy-duty construction means a longer service life and lower replacement costs than other “budget-priced” totes
  • Smooth surfaces are easy to clean and resistant to most solvents and chemicals
  • Gray NSTs are manufactured from FDA approved materials
  • Optional lids protect contents from dust and damage
  • Available in nine sizes and three colors: red, blue and gray

Straight Wall Containers

  • Reusable shipping, storage and work-in-process containers
  • Straight walls make efficient use of internal and external space
  • Solid-sided containers have smooth inner walls for easy, sanitary cleaning
  • Mesh-sided containers allow hot or cold air ventilation
  • Injection-molded from high-density polyethylene
  • Available in four sizes and three styles
  • Color: Gray