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Storage Solutions for the Healthcare Industry – Atlanta, GA

For hospitals, clinics, individual healthcare providers and other organizations that deliver healthcare services, storage needs are varied, specialized, and specific to that sector. At Atlanta Bin & Shelving, we recognize the unique nature of storage requirements for healthcare providers and have selected a range of storage products and systems to offer our customers throughout the Atlanta, GA area and surrounding states. From HIPAA-compliant medical records storage systems and secure storage for pharmaceuticals, supplies and equipment, we have the products you need and the expertise to assist you in designing cost-effective, space-saving, convenient storage systems that meet all of your needs today and into the future.

Top-Quality Medical Storage Systems for Every Healthcare Facility Need

Using extensive experience gained from over 50 years of supplying storage systems to the full range of business and institutional organizations, Atlanta Bin & Shelving has thoroughly researched the offerings of manufacturers with an eye on the needs of our healthcare sector customers. We’ve selected only the best, proven products to offer, because we understand that quality, performance, convenience and cost-effectiveness are top priorities throughout the healthcare sector. We create customized storage systems for our healthcare industry clients to meet their needs in the following areas and more:

  • Medical Records Storage – Despite the increasing use of digital records storage, healthcare organizations of all sizes still have growing needs for paper medical record storage, X-ray storage, and archival storage of records. Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, a division of Denstor, offers a movable storage system that maximizes capacity for these records, while reducing required space up to 80% by putting storage modules on tracks. This increases storage density while maintaining fast access for efficiency and convenience. By increasing density and eliminating space-stealing aisles, healthcare organizations can increase storage capacity without increasing space requirements.

  • Linen, Supply, Equipment and Sterile Storage – Along with its innovative mobile medical records storage systems, Pipp Mobile Storage Systems also manufactures mobile, space-saving modular storage systems to meet the full range of storage requirements for your healthcare organization. By increasing storage density through mobile storage units on tracks, you can maximize available space usage, instead of expanding into new spaces. As your storage needs grow, Pipp Mobile Storage Systems enable that growth without sacrificing convenience and accessibility.

  • Staff Storage Needs – Atlanta Bin & Shelving markets a wide range of locker systems for staff personal storage and dressing room use. Top-quality locker systems from nationally recognized manufacturers like Republic can be configured to meet any need. They offer the security and accessibility your staff needs, along with low cost and attractive appearance for any staff storage installation.

  • Secure Area Enclosures – When economical solution for secure storage in healthcare settings is needed, Atlanta Bin & Shelving can assist you in designing and installation of secure storage areas within your existing facilities. Modular in design and quickly installed, our secure area systems are economical by design, attractive in appearance, and prevent access by unauthorized persons. Our storage experts are always ready to assist you in creating efficient, secure storage to suit your exact needs.

Atlanta Bin & Shelving – Healthcare Industry Storage Systems Specialists

From individual practice offices and group practice clinics to hospitals, urgent care facilities and senior healthcare facilities, the need for compact, efficient and cost-effective storage is always growing. At Atlanta Bin & Storage, you’ll find customized, flexible solutions to match your unique storage needs at cost-effective pricing. Contact us to discuss all of your storage needs, and let our storage system experts help you find an ideal storage system that offers convenience, accessibility and security for any requirement.