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Locker Systems and Storage Solutions for Schools – Atlanta, GA

Schools, both public and private, have unique storage needs. From corridor and athletic locker systems to storage systems for supplies and other uses, Atlanta Bin & Storage offers a complete selection of cost-effective solutions, specifically targeted to the needs of schools throughout Georgia and surrounding areas. We are an authorized Gold Distributor for Republic Storage Systems, the leading manufacturer of academic locker and storage systems. Atlanta Bin can supply the full range of Republic’s top-quality, cost-conscious locker systems for your school’s new installations or replacement needs. Beyond locker systems for schools, we also are Georgia’s leading supplier of a full range of customized storage systems to meet every need on your campus.

Republic Locker Systems – Quality, Durability, and Flexibility for School Lockers
Republic Storage Systems is nationally recognized as the leader in academic locker systems to cover a full range of applications. For both corridor lockers and athletic lockers, Republic manufactures a wide range of locker systems to meet every school’s design requirements and budget. All are ADA compliant and designed to provide maximum security, reliability, and flexibility for your installation. Models are available, ranging from economical Qwik-Ship lockers, available for immediate delivery, to custom-manufactured modular locker systems, available in 25 colors to match any design scheme.

All Republic lockers feature heavy-duty construction, secure latching, quiet operation, and tough hinges. Locking system flexibility allows the use of individual padlocks or built-in combination locks with master key access by school administrators. Count on Republic Lockers for long-term value, security, and reliability. Atlanta Bin & Storage can supply the full range of Republic locker systems, including:

  • Corridor Locker Systems for Georgia Schools – Security for students’ property, along with durability, quiet operation, and flexible locking systems are primary needs for corridor lockers in every middle and high school, public, private or charter. Republic Storage Systems and Atlanta Bin & Storage can supply you with the top-quality, cost-effective academic locker systems that match your specifications and budget, including:

    - Republic Quick-Ship Lockers – Ready for immediate shipment, these economical locker systems are available in 1, 2, and 3-tier designs in a neutral Decorator Tan color. All can accept padlocks or built-in lock systems. Quiet operation, heavy-duty construction, ventilation louvers and ADA compliance are standard.

    - Republic Standard Corridor Lockers – Providing economical storage and flexibility in design, these lockers are available in 25 custom colors and a wide range of configurations. Heavy-gauge construction, recessed handles, and quiet operation make these standard lockers the industry standard for school lockers.

    - Republic Quiet Corridor Lockers – Assuring almost silent operation, these high quality, affordable locker systems are a great value for schools and contribute to a less noisy environment in busy corridors. Combining solid construction and competitive pricing, they’re a top choice for Georgia schools.

    - Republic Heavy Duty Corridor Lockers – Where maximum durability and performance are essential, along with all of the top-quality features that make Republic lockers the industry standard, these Heavy Duty Lockers are the answer. Their 14 Gauge, heavy-duty doors, secure fasteners, and quiet operation assure invincible security and strength.

  • Republic Athletic Locker Systems for Georgia Schools – Meeting the difficult environments of athletic locker rooms demands high-quality construction, efficient ventilation, and durable finishes. You’ll find all of those qualities in every Republic athletic locker system, along with locking flexibility, availability in 25 colors, and economical pricing. From single-tier to 5-tier designs, choose a locker system for your athletic facilities from these Republic models:

    - Republic Heavy Duty Ventilated Lockers – Cost-effective and designed with maximum ventilation air flow, every element of these athletic lockers is designed to withstand the tough locker room environment.

    - Republic Ultra-Frame Athletic Lockers – All-welded construction and 1” angle-iron frames make these tough locker systems secure, solid, and capable of shrugging off the toughest use.

    - Republic All-Welded Ventilated Lockers – Welded construction, premium finishes and one-piece sides and backs provide excellent strength, durability and appearance at cost-effective pricing.

    - Republic Single-Point II Athletic Lockers – Latches with no moving parts provide maximum security and low maintenance, along with legendary Republic endurance and finish quality.

    - Republic MVP Athletic Lockers – For your athletic teams, MVP lockers are ideal. Open closet-type uniform and equipment storage, plus secure storage compartments for personal belongings are primary features.

Storage Systems for School Supplies, Equipment & More – Atlanta, GA
Beyond the obvious need for locker systems, schools also have extensive storage needs throughout the campus. At Atlanta Bin & Storage, we’re your storage experts, and can assist you in creating storage systems for every part of your facility, from classrooms, maintenance areas and supply rooms to cafeterias, auditoriums and music rooms. Properly designed storage systems improve efficiency, protect school property, and help you organize every aspect of your storage needs. Call on Atlanta Bin & Storage for every school storage need.

Atlanta Bin & Storage – Campus-Wide School Storage Solutions
In meeting the locker and storage needs for small private schools through every campus in large school districts, Atlanta Bin & Storage offers the academic community flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality, proven storage products that meet your high standards and budget requirements. Contact us with your school locker and other storage needs and let us provide a competitive price quote for top-quality products that match your requirements.