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Warehouse Mezzanines and Industrial Storage Systems - Atlanta Bin & Shelving, Metro Atlanta, GA

Warehouse Mezzanines and Industrial Storage Systems - Atlanta Bin & Shelving, serving Metro Atlanta, GA

We design and manufacture Cogan Mezzanines in-house, using the highest quality materials and expert workmanship.

  • Approval plans for accurate layout and load capacity
  • Specifications that meet or exceed code requirements
  • In-stock standardized components for fast delivery; pre-tested for full structural integrity
  • Durable powder-coat finish
  • Bolt-together design with pre-drilled beams and columns to ensure quick and easy assembly without special tools

Standard Mezzanine

With every mezzanine you order, we make sure you get the best engineering options with a wide range of accessories at the best price.


Custom Mezzanine

Cogan makes custom mezzanines seem standard. Tell us your exact specifications, and we’ll design and manufacture a fully engineered mezzanine that fits your warehouse, timing and budget.


Express Mezzanine

When you have an impossible delivery date to meet, Cogan Express Mezz is the best option. Cogan’s exceptional quality and service mean you won’t be taking chances when you need the job done fast.

Our Express package includes:

  • A dedicated project manager
  • Accelerated production with a precise delivery date
  • First-class service, start to finish

ClereSpan® Mezzanine

Republic offers three ClereSpan® Mezzanine styles to double or even triple your floor space and storage area.

  • Our mezzanine systems are custom-designed to match your specific area, height, load, use and color requirements
  • ClereSpan® Mezzanines are easy to assemble, dismantle and reassemble, making the systems flexible for your changing needs
  • ClereSpan® Mezzanine Systems conform to ASTM, AISC and AISI specification, national building codes and OSHA requirements
  • ClereSpan® Mezzanine accessories are designed to add versatility. Choose the combination of deck material, stairs, handrail and gate options for your specific needs

Free Standing Mezzanine
A freestanding mezzanine allows movement through and full use of both lower and mezzanine level space with no cross bracing between columns.

Catwalk Mezzanine
Catwalk mezzanines use shelving or rack uprights for support.

Full Mat Mezzanine
Full mat mezzanines combine the features of freestanding and catwalk styles with shelving uprights for support, but provide open area for storage on the mezzanine level.