Low Profile Rivet Shelving Adder


Rivet Shelving is a steel shelving system that utilizes boltless assembly for a quick set up and easy organization. Each shelf is made of steel beams with factory attached rivets that fit into slots along the post. When tapping the beams into place with a rubber mallet, you are actually reinforcing the rigidity of the shelf!

Low Profile high-density shelving provides maximum vertical clearance between shelves. It consists of simple components that lock rigidly together to form exceptionally strong shelving. Perfect for commercial, warehousing, tool crib, stockroom, light industrial, garage, basement, and office use, it's very flexible -- a snap to move and reconfigure. You can access items from all sides because there are no back or side braces in the way. 

Please contact us for more information.
Please contact us for more information.

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