Wire Decking For Pallet Racks


If you’re tired of chasing dust bunnies around your shelves or dealing with pieces of wood shelving collecting dirt, a wire decking system may be the solution. A wire deck is a metal mesh grid that provides support and safety for products stored on the rack. Wire decking is one of the easiest shelving systems to install and provides shelving that “breathes.”

No more dust accumulation on your shelves thanks to sturdy, industrial-strength wire decking. Your inventory will require less maintenance and will always have a fresh, new appearance. Any pallets that my be falling through the pallet rack structure are no longer a problem with wire decking.


Similar to wire shelving, decking lays across your shelving and adds extra support. Some of the advantages of wire decking include:

  • Increased stability and safety
  • Easy, drop-in installation
  • Galvanized steel grade metal support
  • Improved inventory visibility
  • More flexible storage

Wire decking also allows for better pallet flow as items are easily stored without having to use a pallet for organization.

Please contact us for more information.
Please contact us for more information.

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